SARTORS: the brand

Promoting natural fabrics within its collections that both breathe and move with the body is the first step in the Sartors design process.

Bridging the contrasts of vintage and contemporary designs quietly reinvents the idea of the classic silhouette. Observing nature as it works to subvert and redefine the metropolis is a strong inspiration for the brand. Manufacturing its garments in the UK is an essential direction to the Sartors brand.


Inspiration for first collection: 'The Vine'

The movement of time heralds the birth of spring vines, twisting and spiraling with fresh green tendrils seeking out its host, clothing and all encompassing where two become conjoined.

Hidden from sight in the dark depths of a rich fecund soil are the nurturing sensitive and vulnerable roots that give nourishment to the growing plant continually reaching for the light of life.

The flourishing plant takes its strength from the support of the Earth, with runners always reaching for higher height, swathing and coiling toward the life giving light.

And as Summer submits to Autumn the season's leaves wither to rest the plant, sending vitality back down the roots; the tender green tendrils have turned to wood, wrapped securely around its host to await next springs shoots of new life and renewed energy.


sartors - launch collection